This Program will provide 5 workouts or "WOD's" every week starting with a warm-up specific to the WOD.


The WOD's will have an "Equipment" and "Bodyweight" version. If you are using the Equipment version, we recommend a set of Dumbells, Kettlebells -or both- and a jump rope. 

Whether you have the equipment or not, either version will give you a great workout. That doesn't mean there isn't some weight involved "Bodyweight" version. We will use backpacks/bags/objects etc. that you may have around the house to give you the weighted stimulus.


The accessory and stretching portion will provide exercises, routines and mini-WOD's to help you build specific areas of your fitness such as core, cardiovascular endurance, mobility, pushing and 

pulling strength, and gymnastic movements; just to name a few.